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Amal El-Mohtar on Science Fiction Poetry:

So let me show you some science fiction poems.

A fantastic source for these that merits reading from beginning to end is Stone Telling‘s science and science fiction issue, titled Catalyst, which editors Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan explain came about in response to Cat Valente’s post about the “heart-breaking sameness” of science fiction poetry. The result is magnificent: twelve poems treating space exploration, science history, terraforming, aliens, and anatomy with solemnity, grace, variety, and language to steal the breath. I have re-read Sofia Samatar’s “Girl Hours,” CSE Cooney’s “Postcards from Mars,” and Tori Truslow’s “Terrunform” more times than I can count, with each reading giving me something new and precious.

While we’re on poetry, read Sonya Taaffe’s “Ψάπφοι Σελάννα”, in the same issue of Apex:

My hair darkens in the shadow of your hand,

but yours blooms silver, shining like the foam

of the morning you leap, not ageless, singing,

from that bright cliff of days.

καλῶς καὶ εὖ ἀείδει.

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