Linky wants to see Oxford Castle

Inasmuch as there is a castle there, anyway. Or perhaps wander Dead Men’s Walk. If it doesn’t rain too much.

Aiffe at Tumblr on women, fandom, and female characters:

I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t this horrible, deep-seated idea that men have more personhood than women do. Men in fiction get to be people. They get to be sympathetic even when they make bad choices. They get to be forgiven. We love them, and I’m not sure if it’s sexual love or idealism or that, flying completely in the face of #4, we identify with the default, and therefore love men like we love ourselves, but see women as the Other.

The Guardian Games Blog: Diversity challenge for developers:

Picture this: after saving humanity from the aggressive forces of the Locust Hordes in hit shooter Gears of War, grizzled, gun-toting hero Marcus Fenix sweeps team-mate Dom Santiago into a tender embrace, and the pair kiss passionately as the credits roll.

The Mary Sue, Starz Might Do an Aliens-Inspired Military Sci-Fi Show With a Female Lead and Same-Sex Relationships:

The show’s called Incursion, it’s created by Spartacus showrunner (and Whedonverse/Smallville writer) Steven S. DeKnight, and it sounds freaking amazing.

DeKnight describes the show as “an R-rated, military show set in the future [and they’re] fighting aliens on different planets,” with each season taking place on a new world. He counts Band of Brothers, Halo, and Black Hawk Down among the show’s influences—and, most notably, Aliens. Keeping with that vibe, the military in the show will feature men and women serving alongside one another. But Incursion, unlike most military sci-fi stories, won’t have a male lead: “I definitely wanted to avoid that,” said DeKnight. “I wanted to go down a different path.”

Could we please have (something like) this?