Poll results: What should I read next?

The results from the poll are in!

Top of the list, with 27 votes, is Mur Lafferty’s THE SHAMBLING GUIDE TO NEW ORLEANS.

Second, with 21 votes, is Eleanor Arnason’s A WOMAN OF THE IRON PEOPLE.

Between these two front-runners and the next closest contender is a gap of nine votes: Freda Warrington’s A DANCE IN BLOOD VELVET picks up “Best of the Rest” with 12 votes, trailed by Brian McClellan’s PROMISE OF BLOOD and THE CRIMSON CAMPAIGN with 8 votes, and Jaine Fenn’s PRINCIPLES OF ANGELS, also with 8 votes.

Tina Connolly’s COPPERHEAD, Avram Davidson’s THE PHOENIX AND THE MIRROR, and E.C. Blake’s MASKS all come in with 7 votes each, followed by Karl Schroeder’s LOCKSTEP with 6 votes, and Miles Cameron’s THE RED KNIGHT and THE FELL SWORD brings up the rear with a measly 4 votes.

The public has spoken! I’ve added Lafferty and Arnason to my to-do list, and hopefully they’ll show up in a Sleeps With Monsters column before too much time has passed.