Jo Anderton, GUARDIAN: not a review

The nice people at Australian publishing company Fablecroft sent me a review copy of Jo Anderton’s Guardian. It’s the third book in a series that begins with Debris. I did not realise this until I tried to read it. It sounds like an interesting series, but Guardian is not a good place for new reader to enter the ongoing story.

So. That is why this is not a review.

2 thoughts on “Jo Anderton, GUARDIAN: not a review

  1. I really enjoyed Debris and Suited. I liked the worldbuilding, and the main character’s… character, for want of a better word. Her life goes splat, and she gets very upset, but then she makes the best of a (very bad) situation. I liked that. I always think it’s weird when characters don’t freak out when “The Inciting Incident” happens, but I can’t bear it when the main character spends the entire book in a massive sulk over the plot
    Thus ends Carol’s Guide To Crafting The Particular Category Of Characters She Likes

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