James Tiptree Jr. and BSFA Award Winners

Congratulations to award winners!

The winners of the 2014 James Tiptree Jr. Award were recently announced. It’s a joint win for Monica Byrne’s The Girl In The Road and Jo Walton’s My Real Children, with an Honor List that includes Jennifer Marie Brissett’s Elysium, Emmi Itäranta’s Memory of Water, Jacqueline Koyanagi’s Ascension, Nnedi Okorafor’s Lagoon, Aliya Whiteley’s The Beauty, the anthology Kaleidoscope edited by Alisa Krasnostein and Julia Rios, and stories by Nghi Vo, Pat MacEwen, Kim Curran, and Seth Chambers.

It’s a list mostly full of stuff I haven’t read yet, and which I now really want to read.

In other recent news, the BSFA Award was announced tonight. The winner for Best Novel was Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie (following up last year’s tie with Gareth Powell), with Ruth E.J. Booth taking the prize in Short Fiction, Tessa Farmer leading the field in Art, and Edward James winning Best Nonfiction. (Information sourced from Twitter, since the BSFA website doesn’t seem to have the winners up yet.)

As for the other science fiction award of which so much news has been heard this weekend, I have few thoughts. Last year was an outlier for me in terms of how much interest I had in the Hugo Awards – the Worldcon was taking place in London, which meant I could attend, and the shortlist turned out to include me, among a bunch of people that actually pretty much reflected what I am interested in. Most years, as far as I can tell, the Hugo Awards bear very little relation to Stuff I Am Excited About.

I wasn’t expecting it to be so effectively hacked by people who sympathise with actual hate groups as backlash, mind you, but I have very little emotional investment in the Hugo Awards and Worldcon as a concept. Well done, Puppy Slate and G*m*rg*t*, for successfully applying a party whip to pretty much open-access pay-per-vote award nominations! You’ve dented a toy some other people like to play with, good show all around, your parents and preschool teachers would be very proud of you. How very… tedious.

I read over 200 novels last year, and a good half of them were probably 2014-vintage-new. Remind me to do a weekly post about a thing from last year that excited me, between now and August? I still have things to read from last year, as well. This seems like a good excuse to maybe read them.

And maybe go through the forthcoming Speculative Fiction 2014 for the purposes of finding Things That Excite Me. And talking about them.

Oh, I should probably mention. I have a Patreon now. In case anyone wants to pay me directly for book reviews. (Money is useful for things like lunch. And books.)